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AGAPE employs professionals in counseling, social services, domestic violence care, court advocacy and administration. If you are interested in joining the staff at AGAPE, please email a cover letter and your CV/resume to  .

Current Open Positions at AGAPE

Current Open Positions at Morning Star Sanctuary

Counseling Internships and Practicums

Thank you for considering AGAPE as your counseling internship/practicum placement. AGAPE is one of the most sought-after internship/practicum sites for counselors in Middle Tennessee, and we seek to fill several positions each year. AGAPE provides individual supervision, group supervision, play therapy groups, case presentation meetings, direct contact hours and indirect hours for our interns to grow professionally as clinicians. 

The deadlines for applying for an internship/practicum placement are as follows:

  • August 1 for Spring Semester Placement*
  • January 1 for Summer Placement*
  • May 1 for Fall Placement*

*Please note the current placement statuses for the following semesters:

  • Spring 2024 – Full
  • Summer 2024 – Full
  • Fall 2024 –Open

If you are interested in applying for an internship or practicum with AGAPE, please email the following information to  :

  • Cover letter (Expressing interest and program requirements)
  • CV/Resume
  • Three letters of recommendation

Take the Next Step to Change Lives

Each week, many needs walk through the doors of our foster homes, emergency shelters, court, and counseling offices. Meeting each need presents us with a variety of challenges, but also opportunities. AGAPE shares the love of Christ to all who seek our services.

AGAPE can only fulfill its mission to strengthen children and families through the generous financial support from individuals, families, churches and organizations who are willing to step into the difficult spaces in our community.

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*If this is a counseling-related question, please call 615-781-3000.