The Tom Burton Society

It is our great honor to present, as a part of The AGAPE Annual Fund, The Tom Burton Society.

As AGAPE’s Executive Director for 30 years, Tom Burton’s vision and leadership will be remembered and recognized for years to come through The Tom Burton Society.

Through Tom’s leadership, AGAPE grew from a small parachurch nonprofit with an annual budget of $400k to become one of the most respected and well-known charitable ministries to children and families throughout Middle Tennessee. Today, with an annual budget of $2.3 million, AGAPE humbly serves more than 1,000 children, families and adults through its social services and professional counseling programs each year.

Tom’s experience and vision led AGAPE to unprecedented growth through the decade of the 1990’s and 2000’s. Our commitment to providing quality services with agape love resulted in a financially beneficial state contract, an increase in professional counseling services and a healthy and generous growth in individual, corporate and foundation support.

Tom’s commitment to operational sustainability placed AGAPE in a position to do what many nonprofits were unable to do … survive the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. Even with significant reductions in donations and loss of contracts, AGAPE survived the crisis by the grace of God and His faithfulness to sustain this ministry, and through the provision of Tom’s leadership, and that of the Board of Directors. The Annual Fund will ensure the ongoing operational needs of AGAPE are met every year.

During each fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) all those who can make gifts of $2,500 or more will be recognized as members of The Tom Burton Society. Many have already committed to this level of leadership giving. We hope many more will join. For all gifts, no matter the amount, we thank you, as they are critical to reaching The AGAPE Annual Fund goal of $1,250,000 that we may continue to provide services to children and families with the healing love of Christ.

“Tom Burton built AGAPE into something extraordinary. He has created a legacy that is going to last for a long, long time.” – Ellie Vermillion, Former Board Member

Through this program of honoring Tom Burton, we will continue to speak of the legacy of Tom’s leadership at AGAPE and that of his wife Chris who was by his side for those 30 years, working together, growing AGAPE to serve children and families. Through The Tom Burton Society of The AGAPE Annual Fund, their legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of AGAPE’s supporters, clients, staff and Board of Directors “for a long, long time.”

The Tom Burton Society was created in 2016 to honor the
life and legacy of Tom Burton.

Members of The Tom Burton Society donate $2,500 or more annually to AGAPE.

To become a member today, make your gift online by clicking on the
“Become A Member” button below:

You can also mail your gift to:
The Tom Burton Society
4555 Trousdale Drive
Nashville, TN 37204

For additional information, contact Chandler Means at 615-781-3000.