Jean Moore reflects on 36 years Of Service at AGAPE

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Celebrating 50 years is so exciting, especially since I have had the privilege to work for AGAPE 36 of those years.

Reflecting to May of 1980, when I first learned of the opportunity to come to work for this agency, I didn’t think it would actually happen, but it did!  I’m so grateful for that opportunity to have met and worked with some amazing people. Folks like Howard Justiss, Myrtle Qualls, RonCullison, Dot Reasonover, Jewell Hearn, Phil Heffington, Tom Slaughter and Diana Crawford made an impact on my life and made my decision to stay at AGAPE an easy one.

I knew God had placed me here for a reason.  I felt I would at least stay here five years, but five turned into ten and so on until wow, I’m still here and enjoying each day.  I also got to work with Tom Burton, director of the agency until he retired two years ago, and now enjoying working under the leadership of Chandler Means.

It has been a “fun ride” and I just feel fortunate to be a part of this rewarding work.  I enjoy talking to people and helping those that come to the agency for counseling, adoption, maternity services or foster care and knowing I’m usually the first person they talk to.  I have always felt that no matter what the circumstances just listen, be kind and patient while they are trying to tell you what they are calling about.  It takes a lot for some folks to make that initial call, and I just want to be helpful and make sure they feel at ease and comfortable coming here.

I don’t know what the next few years hold for me, but I have enjoyed these 36 years and have many great memories to carry with me when I retire.  I have enjoyed meeting so many folks. Working for a Christian agency has been a rewarding experience for me.

“I too believe that God placed Jean at AGAPE for a reason.  Through four decades, Jean Moore has been the voice and often the face of AGAPE for thousands of clients seeking help and healing. There is probably no other person in our organization’s history who has been a part of as many of our clients’ journeys as Jean. We can celebrate 50 Years of Love in 2016 largely because of the dedication of staff like Jean Moore who exemplifies the ideals of AGAPE every day.  Thank you, Jean, YOU HAVE MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE.”

–Executive Director Chandler Means