Don Thompson: The Heart of AGAPE

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IMG_1733During the 16th Annual AGAPE Kids Classic our friend, Don Thompson was presented with the Chris Keen Heart of AGAPE Award.  He was recognized for his selfless spirit and many years of service to AGAPE, volunteering his unique and greatly needed skills. We’re proud to call Don our official handyman!

AGAPE Executive Director, Chandler Means fondly tells Don’s story:

When the plumbing breaks or a toilet overflows in one of the bathrooms, Don shows up.  When a light fixture in the building goes out, Don shows up.  When our heating or air conditioning stops working Don shows up to fix it or cheerfully offers advice on a course of action. If door locks need to be changed or a door knob breaks, if the ice machine is leaking, if __________ happens at the AGAPE office and it is outside the scope of our ability to repair it, Don shows up. Always.

I don’t know for sure how long Don has been doing this for AGAPE … my guess is 10 years and possibly longer. In the three and a half years I have been at AGAPE, Don has saved this agency thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance costs.  Beyond the expertise and peace of mind we enjoy through his friendship to AGAPE, Don will sometimes purchase parts with his own money and quietly “forget” to submit a receipt for reimbursement.

Don embodies what the Chris Keen award is all about; a person whose daily life exhibits the spirit of compassion, humility and hard work in support of AGAPE’s ministry.  Don is a member of the Otter Creek Church of Christ and as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, it seems appropriate and fitting that a volunteer from Otter Creek be honored in such a very special way!

The award was established in 2011 to honor the late Chris Keen, who passed away that same year. He was a generous donor, volunteer, and former member of the AGAPE Kids Classic Leadership Committee. Past honorees include, Butch and Angela Stinson, Tim and Angie Partlow, Troy Feltner and Don Campbell.