Frequently Asked Questions

What types of counseling are available?

AGAPE provides individual counseling for pre-school and older children, adolescents, and adults. Couples’ counseling and family counseling is also available. Group counseling may also be available at various times during the year.

What kinds of problems are addressed in counseling?

Counselors at AGAPE are experienced in assisting with a wide variety of problems or issues. Some of the more frequently seen problems involve depression, anxiety, marital conflicts, and child behavior. Substance abuse problems are usually referred to outside programs specializing in that area.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for counseling and psychological services?

Most AGAPE counselors are on a number of insurance provider lists. Insurance policies vary widely and frequently have co-pays, deductibles, or other limitations to their coverage. However, chances are good that one or more counselors on staff would be able to accept your insurance.

Is there an AGAPE counseling office near me?

AGAPE’s main office is in south Nashville, Tennessee.   We have affiliate counseling offices open one or more days per week in a number of communities across Middle Tennessee. (See list of affiliate offices.)

What type of training and skills do the counselors at AGAPE have?

All counselors employed at AGAPE hold a master’s and/or doctoral degree in one or more fields of study such as Psychology, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Professional Counseling. All staff counselors are either licensed or are actively working toward their license in one or more of these fields. Additionally, some counseling services are provided by master’s or doctoral level practicum students/interns who have been placed at AGAPE through agreements with their respective universities.

What do counseling services cost?

AGAPE’s customary fees for counseling services are $150 for an initial evaluation and $120 for each hourly counseling session. For those who qualify, those fees may be reduced based on gross household income and number of persons in the home. If a client’s insurance can be used, the client typically pays his/her insurance co-payment or sliding scale fee, whichever is less. Contact the main AGAPE office at 615.781.3000 for more information.

How do I start the counseling process or get more information?

For services at the main AGAPE office call 615-781-3000. A staff member will spend a few minutes with you to answer your questions and gather information to help us match you to the most appropriate counselor. After this information has been reviewed, you will receive a return call (usually within 24 to 48 hours) to set up an intake interview. For services at affiliate offices, call the affiliate office directly. (See directory of affiliate offices).

Do AGAPE counselors only work with people who are experiencing serious emotional problems or are in a crisis of some type?

Clients see counselors for a wide variety of reasons. While some have significant “clinical” problems, others may be seeking counseling for pre-marital reasons, personal growth, parenting issues, an academic problem, or specific family situations. Still others may be seeking a consultation to help address a difficult situation at their church or in the workplace.

Does AGAPE have any counseling services for adults?

Yes. AGAPE has a long history of providing services for children including counseling, there is also a wide range of counseling and psychological services for adults. In fact, the majority of counseling clients at AGAPE are adults.

Is AGAPE open at times other than the regular 8 to 5 workweek?

Yes. The main office is open for counseling on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings as well as Saturdays. Also be aware that some of the affiliate counseling offices are operational beyond 5 p.m. one or more evenings per week.

What can parents expect when they are considering getting their child into counseling?

To start, an AGAPE staff member will complete a phone intake interview with the parent or legal guardian. Based upon the presenting problem and other information obtained, a counselor will be assigned and an initial appointment set up. The counselor will spend the first appointment with the parent going over certain important information (e.g., confidentiality, procedures, etc.) and obtaining the necessary background information regarding the child. At the second appointment the child will meet with the counselor. During this time, the counselor will get focus on establishing rapport with the child. The counselor will also begin an assessment process and formulation of a counseling plan.

I am concerned about our family budget these days. Are there any ways to reduce our family’s out-of-pocket expense for counseling services?

Actually, there are a number of ways to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses:

· AGAPE’s sliding scale fee system will adjust your fee according to your gross household income.

· Check to see if you have Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits through your job; these benefits pay for a limited number of counseling sessions at no cost to the client.

· If you need treatment for a diagnosable condition it may be possible to use your behavioral/mental health insurance benefits. (Check your deductible & co-pay amounts)

· If you feel it may be appropriate for your situation, ask about the possibility of working with one of our graduate student interns.

· Inquire to see if your church or school has a special fee arrangement with AGAPE.

· Finally, if you have a significant financial hardship, make this known to us. In some cases, special arrangements may be possible.

Does AGAPE provide any support groups?

Currently AGAPE runs three support groups at the woodmont Hills Church of Christ (Family of God at Woodmont Hills): Divorce Care (for adults) and Divorce Care for Children (ages 5 – 11) and The Big D (divorce support group for adolescents). These groups are currently offered on Monday evenings from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Because the groups run concurrently and are at the same location, a parent and child can attend their own groups simultaneously. If needed, AGAPE will work with churches to establish these groups locally. For more information call 781-3000.