Internships and Practicum

The Counselor Training Institute at AGAPE is one of the area’s most sought after practicum/internship sites for counselors in Middle Tennessee.  AGAPE seeks to fill several positions each year.

Practicum / internship description

Student requirements

  • Students must meet all their program’s prerequisites and other requirements.
  • Student must have had at least one graduate level counseling theory course, one graduate course in counseling methods/techniques.
  • Student must be enrolled in two consecutive semesters of practicum and/or internship while placed at AGAPE.
  • Must have completed a graduate level course in ethics.
  • Psychology students must have completed coursework in intelligence testing.


  • Individual supervision: 1 hour per week (min.)
  • Group supervision: 1 hour per week
  • Administrative supervision: 1 hour per month

Staff meeting and case presentation

  • Students attend regular clinical staff meetings and other meetings two to three times a month
  • Students make one case presentation in staff meeting during their time at AGAPE, typically during their second semester.

Clinical activities:

  • Provision of counseling and general outpatient mental health counseling services with individuals (adult, child, and/or adolescent) and possibly couples and families.
  • Conducting phone intakes on potential counseling clients.
  • Conducting face-to-face Assessment & Referral Consultations (we simply call them “consults”) with new clients to aid in assignment to a permanent counselor.
  • Scoring of selected psychological assessment instruments (Psychology students only).
  • Possible group counseling co-leader experience.

Hours / schedule on site:

Practicum students/interns will typically need to be on site at least 20 hours per week including (but not limited to) Tuesdays from 9:00 am – afternoon, two evenings per week and half a day on Saturdays for both semesters of the practicum/internship.  Flexibility in scheduling is helpful in assigning new client cases.  [Note:  Successful applicants usually have outside job commitments of no more than half-time during their placement at AGAPE.]

Supplemental Training

The Counselor Training Institute provides several supplemental training sessions per month.  These sessions are typically two hours in length and are available to all AGAPE practicum students and interns. The training is conducted by current AGAPE Counseling and Psychological Services staff or guest speakers and includes a variety of topics pertaining to clinical skills, ethics and legal issues, licensing and professional issues, as well as other areas.