Counselor Training Institute Internship Application

The preferred method for applying for a practicum or internship is through our web-portal which you can access by clicking below.  Please read the entire page before submitting your application.

Who may apply

Students enrolled in Master’s or Doctoral programs in Psychology, Professional Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Social Work or other similar disciplines may apply.

When to apply

To have the best chance of acceptance, students should generally submit application materials six months before their practicum/internship start date.

Practicum/internship time periods

In order to allow enough time to build a sufficient caseload, practicum students or interns must be at AGAPE for two consecutive semesters. These time periods may vary slightly to accommodate different graduate programs’ academic calendars:

Semesters Months

  • Spring – summer  (January to August)
  • Summer – fall     (May to December)
  • Fall – spring     (August to April)

Application materials

  • Cover letter including reasons for interest in AGAPE as a training site and the planned start/end date for the practicum or internship.
  • Curriculum vita (CV) including a list of a least four references with e-mail and phone contact information.
  • A list of relevant graduate coursework that has been completed or will be completed by the start of the practicum.
  • Reference letters — a minimum of four (more is better) on letterhead stationery with original signatures.  They may be emailed initially, but a hard copy must be presented for a completed application.  References should ideally be from people who can speak to the student’s counseling experience, like a professor or supervisor.
  • A copy of the graduate program’s specific requirements for practicum or internship including:
    1. Official semester start and end dates.
    2. Total hours required per semester.
    3. Total client contact hours required, along with a description of what types of activities meet the program’s requirements for client contact hours.
    4. Total site hours (non-client contact) required, along with a description or examples of program-approved site hours.
    5. Total supervision hours, including the number or percentage of individual vs. group supervision hours.
    6. Requirements of supervisors (e.g., degree, license status, etc.).
  • A copy of the agreement between the graduate program and practicum/internship sites.
  • Students enrolled in Counseling Psychology or Clinical Psychology programs must also submit a sample psychological evaluation report that they have written (examinee names deleted).

The primary method of applying for this internship is through our web based application accessible by Clicking Here.   Please direct all recommendation letters to:

                        Jim Frost, MA, LSPE 
                        Counslor Training Institute at AGAPE
                       4555 Trousdale Drive
                        Nashville, Tennessee  37204

(If you prefer, you may mail all application materials to the above address.  After materials have been sent, please wait 3-4 days to follow up.)

Background checks

All practicum students or interns must undergo a background check by AGAPE before they begin their placement.

Other information

Direct inquiries to Jim Frost (